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Celebrate Sobriety with These Gifts

Spinning this ring may help you or your sober loved one calm down… Striking in its simplicity, this stylish spinner ring from Talisa Jewelry creates the feeling of multiple stacked rings. Spin it to concentrate and find your inner rhythm in times of challenge. Having a creative outlet during recovery can be a key tool for managing stress and emotions. Creative classes or supplies like paints, an instrument, a camera, a crochet kit or whatever appeals to your loved one could be a wonderful gift.

Looking for that magic gift that will delight and inspire your female sober loved ones? Our collection of sobriety gifts for women includes 12-step books, journals, oracle cards, bling box chip holders, 14k gold and sterling silver jewelry. Like any anniversary gift, sobriety gifts are meant to celebrate a sober anniversary, whether it’s a year of sobriety or 10 years. Recovery happens one day at a time, and a gift pays tribute to this fact. But a customized memento with their sobriety date or a present related to the hobbies they gained in recovery can honor their accomplishment. Sobriety gifts are an excellent way to honor a loved one who has worked hard on their recovery.

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Whatever level of support and structure makes the right fit for your loved one, they will have access to evidence-based addiction treatments including medication-assisted treatment and talk therapy like CBT and DBT. Counseling also forms a core part of treatment, both individually and in a group setting. If your loved one is still using alcohol or drugs problematically, we can help them here at Renaissance. Even better, your loved one can commit to recovery without needing to head to residential rehab. If so, take your time planning the perfect day with an itinerary your friend or family member will love. This necklace from SoberCinky is handmade, made to order, and is meant to be personalized. As people recover and can resume the responsibilities of daily life that may have fallen to the wayside, it can be a confidence booster to start taking care of things — like houseplants — again!

sobriety gifts

It’s the gift that’s renewed each day and can be reinforced through consistent attendance and participation in the 12-step community. People often lose themselves in drug or alcohol addiction, pulling away from their values and what defines their identity.

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You can obtain handmade medallions on Etsy or even request a customized chip for your recovering loved one. But choosing the perfect present is even more challenging when the occasion is highly significant, and your gift demands careful consideration. This day can cost as much or as little as your budget allows. Maybe your loved one would prefer to spend some quality time with you 1 year sober gift rather than receiving a standard gift. There is a fiercely psychological component to addiction and recovery, and meditation can help your loved one to regain control. Buy them some new fitness equipment in line with their interests. From some new weights or yoga gear to a paid gym membership, encourage your loved one to continue embracing a healthier lifestyle on all fronts.

To educate, support and engage our members and the public, to influence policy and advocate for addiction treatment, prevention, and recovery services in Tennessee. Celebrating recovery is giving yourself the gift of self-appreciation and treating yourself with the same love and energy you’d give another.

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