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FIX Notepad is not opening in Windows 10

Boa Constructor is a simple free Python IDE and wxPython GUI builder for Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating Systems. It offers users with Zope support for object creation and editing, visual frame creation and manipulation, property creation and editing from the inspector, etc. Qt Creator is a free, cross-platform IDE designed for the creation of connected devices, UIs, and applications.

This is a great and simple and easy to use editor for all levels of development especially beginners. Brackets is a free open source IDE developed by Adobe. Adobe offers a variety of graphic and design products that many of you may have used, such as Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator. It also integrates the basic editors required for coding.

  • Install the ” NppEventExec ” plugin from the dropdown list.
  • It only affects the display of the document text, not GUI elements.
  • If you are a person who spends a lot of time staring at screens, Dark mode may work to decrease eye strain and dry eye.
  • Then you can see the Notepad file has been imported into Excel and arranged by multiple columns.

The name of the file to be imported is displayed under File with the default options available for importing automatically selected. The fifth and the last method is about the application of VBA code to convert Notepad to Excel with columns with a single click. It’s a popular way of removing passwords from a variety of files. It uses a dictionary that contains millions of the most popular passwords.


It’s now one of the most widely used programming languages with a huge range of packages, libraries, and frameworks. It underpins tabbed editing, which allows working with multiple open files in a single window. It has a code formatting option that makes the code simple to understand and easy to find out errors and solve the programming issue.

Notepad++ is basically what would happen if you were to inject Notepad with steroids and forced it to work out. CodeRunner is an advanced, highly flexible, and easy-to-use programming editor that supports a large number of programming languages. As a lightning-fast code editor, It simplifies software development and enables users to write and debug from a single app. Among all the code editors out there, Notepad++ is definitely a surprise. Beneath its rather plain exterior hides a powerful, customizable code editor with many useful features that supports a multitude of programming languages. Atom is identified as a code editor for both new and experienced coders.

Best Code Editors

I always love to use this one for my programming. Feel free to uninstall Aspell from your machine too. Download the program AND the dictionary you want to use. Yeah, it’s got lots of bells and whistles but most of them are not that useful and it’s too big anyway (12MB? pffffft… if I wanted emacs I know where to download it).

Remember that, when choosing an IDE or code editor, cloud-based or otherwise, pick the one that best suits your needs as a person and developer. EditorConfig plugins can be developed by using one of the EditorConfig core libraries. The EditorConfig core libraries accept as input the file being edited, find and parse relevant .editorconfig files, and pass back the properties that should be used.

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