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FIX Notepad is not opening in Windows 10

Boa Constructor is a simple free Python IDE and wxPython GUI builder for Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating Systems. It offers users with Zope support for object creation and editing, visual frame creation and manipulation, property creation and editing from the inspector, etc. Qt Creator is a free, cross-platform IDE designed for the creation of […]

Notepad++ Review A Powerful, Free Code Editor Packed With Features

SlickEdit supports nine different platforms with 60+ languages. But if you are looking for a free program, this is surely not for you. SlickEdit requires you to pay before using this editor tool. But SlickEdit is worth your money as it comes with intuitive automatic indentation and other amazing features. Instead you will need […]

How to Create Write Text File in Python

You only need to choose a backup drive where you can store your data, and you are good to go. Unfortunately, this method won’t work if you didn’t save a backup before losing the text file. In that case, you may proceed to the following method for another solution. The Notepad does not have an […]

How to Create a Text File on Windows 10 Make TXT Files

You can use the escape key as a quick and easy way to get out of any dialogs. The escape key is generally located toward the right-hand side of your keyboard and is sometimes indicated by a small arrow pointing to the left. The “Go To” option is only available if Word Wrap is disabled […]

windows Is there any way to recover unsaved notepad++ docs?

You can download DiskInternals Word Recovery right now and, with the help of the instructions described below, quickly recover data. File recovery on Mac devices is much simpler than their Windows counterparts, thanks to built-in systems on MacOS. Copy the file to the desktop and change the filename extension to .txt. Hello, i was using […]