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5 Tips for Holidays in Recovery

In the middle of a party where it seems like everyone is having fun and that alcohol and drugs are part of that fun, your reasons for staying sober can sometimes seem to just fade away. The holidays can magnify feelings of loneliness, strained finances, or difficult family relationships, all of which could lead to […]

Bad Idea: Overpaying for Cocaine

Contents Help in everyday life Cocaine Addiction Price: How Much Does Cocaine Cost? What affects the price of cocaine? FROM THE SOURCE TO THE STREET: CURRENT PRICES FOR CANNABIS, COCAINE, AND HEROIN Addiction Center’s Medical Content Director, Dr. Ashish Bhatt, MD, MRO is an accomplished physician, addiction medicine specialist, and psychiatrist with over 20 years […]

Celebrate Sobriety with These Gifts

Content Soberscribe and join our email list! An adrenaline rush experience Love what you read? #sharesobriety SOBER IS DOPE! #ADDTOCART Alcohol Cravings: Effective Tips to Help Curb Your Cravings A gift card Betty Ford, the First Lady of the US & Recovery Spinning this ring may help you or your sober loved one calm down… […]